This game was originally created for the "Coffee jam" game jam organised by Miss Myu.

This game was the last project I worked on after a long break in game development. As a new start, I thought it would be cool to add new features to this game.

Changelog (2020-06-06) :

  • (+) 3 game modes have been added (and a menu).
  • (+) You can now hold C button in game, to show the ingredients list.
  • (+) A recipe editor has been added! This is the main new feature, and it was hard to get it done with the limited tokens and saves of pico-8. Read to rest of the description to learn how to use it.
  • (~) In the jam version, each level was timed. Now you have to make a certain amount of recipe to get to the next level.
  • (~) Minor visual changes.
  • (~) The tutorial has been changed a little to be easier to understand.
  • (-) To save tokens I had to get rid of the multi language support.
  • (-) Because of the editor, I couldn't keep the random color scheme feature.
  • (-) To save my last tokens, I had to disable the "smart" random recipe chooser. It means that you can now get the same recipe two times in a row, while it was impossible in the jam version.

Recipe Editor - 7 Things You Must Know About It :

  • There are 17 recipes in the game and 8 ingredients. Each recipe (if edited) is saved on an external .p8 cart. Because of the browser limitions, only 16 carts can be saved. It means that you can't save the last recipe.
  • I didn't manage to save each ingredient separately. It means that if you want to restore the default state of a specific ingredient, you have to restore all the ingredients (so be careful if you edited several ingredients).
  • To restore a recipe (or ingredients) to its original state, you have to disable auto-save and reload the game (press return then select "reset cart").  To know if a recipe is saved you can see this little icon at the top-right corner of the recipe preview : . To toggle auto-save, select the recipe name (first row) and press X button.
  • To disable a recipe, set its min lvl to 0. However, you can't change the min lvl of the first recipe.
  • If you try to edit a recipe sprite, the cup and fill changing is disabled. You have to erase your sprite to be able to change this parameter again.
  • In the sprite editor, the mouse is used, instead of the keyboard. Left-Click on the palette to select a color, or right-click on the drawing to pick the sprite pixel color (like in the pico-8 editor).
  • Pink is the invisible color of the sprites.

There are probably still bugs to fix. Please tell me if you encounter some issues.

Hope, you'll enjoy the game!

Credit to Robby Duguay (bandcamp page) for the music. Thanks a lot!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(108 total ratings)
Made withPICO-8
Tags2D, Arcade, coffee, PICO-8, Pixel Art
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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love this game, and really easy to learn the mechanics


i’m happy you liked it!


Love this game! It is so cute. A great way to paste time. I love the overall design, recipes, and gameplay! <3

Thanks a lot!

Nice small game, the gameplay is quite addictive. I would maybe wish for more sound effects for the various ingredients, and less overall music, but enjoyable nonetheless.

Thank you! It's a great idea. But my pico-8 cartridge was 100% full :( 

No space left for new sounds (I even got rid some because of that) or more options (like music volume).

But I think it would be very cool to have a different sounds for each success :)


the timer gives me so much anxiety, but i can't resist playing. this feels timeless. love it 


cool game very relaxing and still challenging and it's fun that you can make your own coffe. :)

coffee 💗

simple and addictive concept

super fun, very good balance of being stressful and challening as well as cute and simple.  I play it, like, everyday, however I have noticed that after a certain point the score has what I can only assume is an integer overflow- type error where the score goes negative, and it gets annoying when you spend so long to build up a higher score just to realize that none of it counted because it was in the negatives.  Aside from that, though, it was a truly fantastic game and a lovely experience!

is there a guide to figure out what ingredient is which? I love this game so much


Thank you! Hold C key during a game. It pauses the game and show you which ingredient is which.


8844 was my final score. I was a bit confused at first because it takes a while to know which ingredients are which. It gets easier at least for me when you see what they look like. 

(1 edit)

when it gives me some ingredients from the alt side with sugar, it makes me get it wrong for some reason

i literally put the expresso, hot water, hot milk, and sugar, and it doesnt count

edit: i mistook the cream for milk 

So much fun! And educational! (maybe?) Would love to see a game like this but for different recipes or beverages. I've actually learned a lot about coffee types from playing this game.

Very fun game!! It's been a while I play a game seriously.

At the moment, my highscore is 22 764. I'm gonna change that soon. Let's gooo!!


Hi, I know this is an old game but I was just playing and I think there's an integer overflow bug in the score

Honestly it's kind of funny 

i create helltaker coffe

This game is so chill and cool. Props to the developer/s. I could play this for hours. Thank you for sharing <3 :)

my best so far is 10528 will be playing more its a very fun game

Vry fun, and I love the theme of coffee.

After playing it a few times, the names of the coffee helped a lot and I started memorizing the keyboard combo instead of reading the recipe, which I guess is a good thing! Great for a short play.

damn, that difficulty spike was sharp.

Oof, its awesome!

really nice

A lovely arcade game. I just loved the aesthetics and pixelart of the recipes. It has a right amount of challenge to it and pretty creative gameplay, I had a very good time playing it

That was exactly the perfect mix of arcade action, pixelated cups and caffeine that I needed! :D I thought it was wonderful how many different recipes you incorporated in this game and how it became more and more challenging. At some point, one simply had to memorize the key assignment for each ingredient to finish the order in ten seconds. Really fabulous: Easy to understand, hard to master! :) So I also recommended this game from you in our COFFEE JAM compilation article and added a minute of gameplay to the accompanying video. <3 Keep up the great work!

Best wishes,


Thanks a lot for your comment! I'll try all the games you mentionned :)

Score: 16392

I have found my calling in life!

That's a really nice game! I enjoyed the art and the mechanics are similar to our coffee jam entry, very charming. Definitely makes you want to play it more. 

i really luv this game was so much fun cant wait 2 play more pixel games are da best 

Kind of good

Really cute and fun game!
I'm really bad at it tho...

c'était chouette merci !


your game is good if you want you can go my game it's "Coffee Clicker"

cool game!!

Cute looking game. :)