Difficulty curve improved!

Hey everyone,

We received a lot of positive feedbacks about Retrocat.  A BIG THANK YOU for that. 

We've made a little update to readjust the difficulty / learning curve :

  • Bulldozer do not retreat entirely when a building is finished.
  • Paint tap is now on the left side (you need to juggle more between bulldozer and current building)
  • Some little tweaks to readjust bulldozer timing and building paint completion

The jam version is still available on the download section.

Hope you'll like it and see you later!


retrocat-win-1.1.0.zip 890 kB
Aug 05, 2018
retrocat-osx-1.1.0.zip 1 MB
Aug 05, 2018
retrocat-linux-1.1.0.zip 497 kB
Aug 05, 2018

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